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You must agree to the guidelines
  • Reservations are filled on a first-come first-serve basis and completion of the facility request does not guarantee a reservation.

  • RFBC facilities are not available on Sundays except to core ministries.

  • The facilities at RFBC are primarily for the purposes of ministry-related activities and events. In the event a core ministry need arises,  the reservation may be canceled with a full refund. Reasonable efforts will be made for communication of issues and accommodation of conflicts.

  • Gymnasium and Student Life Center requests are only available to be reserved 45 days in the future from the approval of the request (more than 30 days).

  • Facility reservation requests are approved by the Pastoral Staff at most, once per week.

  • Reservation requests will be confirmed by email once the Pastoral Staff has approved the event.

  • Fees are payable by Debit/Credit card. All facility reservation fees are due one week prior to the event. The card on file will be charged upon approval of the reservation request.

  • An RFBC representative or member  will be present prior, during and after the event to answer questions and assist as needed. The representative will review specific facility guidelines and check-out procedures. The representative will complete a before and after inspection for cleaning and damage.

  • Hanging items from the ceiling and walls in PROHIBITED. The use of tape on the floor, glitter and latex material is NOT allowed. RFBC is a latex-free campus.

  • Upon inspection, if the facility is found to be damaged or not properly cleaned, I understand I will be invoiced for cleaning and repair costs.

  • If the reservation needs to be canceled, you must do so within 3 business days of the event or you will be responsible for the full amount of the rental.

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