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Fasting is a spiritual discipline involving abstinence from food for a
specific time and purpose. A broader view of fasting is to deny yourself of a particular normal function for the sake of intense spiritual activity. An example of this type of fast could be media, telephone, talking, or sleep.


Fasting in the Bible
According to Matthew 6, Jesus says that fasting - like prayer and giving - grows your relationship with God. When reading Matthew 6, one will see fasting as an expectation rather than an option. Moses fasted before he received the Ten Commandments (Exodus 34:8). The Israelites fasted before a miraculous victorious battle in 2 Chronicles 20. Daniel fasted to receive guidance from the Lord. Jesus fasted while He was tempted in the desert (Luke 4:2). In Acts 13 we read that the first Christians fasted
when making important decisions. Littered throughout Scripture are examples of fasting.


Types of Fast:
• Liquid-only fast (water or water and juice, etc.)
• Partial fast (fasting from a particular food or food group—meat, sugar, dairy, etc.)
• Fasting a meal or two a day.
• For those who have medical conditions that may prevent them from engaging in a dietary fast (i.e. pregnant women, diabetics, etc.), perhaps fast from TV, social media, cell phone, movies, or some other non-food pleasure.

What Is Fasting?

Read Deuteronomy 6.

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