There is a brand new sewing ministry at Rainbow Forest Baptist Church !! The name is “Threads” – and our purpose is to use our gifts to warm those who need it most! We are woven together with a common thread, and it’s a joy to bless others using thread!
We would like to invite anyone that is interested to please contact Renee at or 540.977.1789, ext. 123.
We will be blessing local ministries and the first recipients will be the human trafficking victims at Straight Street.. And we will also be making receiving blankets for the babies at Parent Life which is also a part of Straight Street.
We will be meeting the first and third Wednesday of every month in the Children’s Center Foyer at 10:00 am. Please contact me if you are interested so I can add you to the contact list for further directions. We are so excited about sharing our gifts with those less fortunate.
We are also asking for monetary donations to purchase fabric, thread, etc. So if you are interested in helping, please let Renee know.