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Sonja Crowder

Please pray for GODS STRENGTH IN THIS NEW JOURNEY. Barry’s prostrate cancer has spread and now is in his hip, spine, pelvic and pelvis. Pray for GODS PERFECT HEALING, Pray for KING JESUS TO BE GLORIFIED THROUGH IT ALL! Thanks so much!️

Received: July 26, 2022

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RFBC Office

Please pray for Calvin & Renee Holdren as Calvin will be seeing another doctor tomorrow to discuss the next step in treatment of the cancer in his leg. Ask God to give this doctor wisdom and guidance and to give Calvin & Renee His peace that passes all understanding. Calvin asks that we pray for God's will to be done and that he will remain faithful through this journey and be a faithful witness.

Received: July 25, 2022

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Prayed for 43 times.

Amanda Keilman

Please pray for our cousin, Jessica Walkup. She is 38 and is fighting Stage 4 cancer. Thank you.

Received: July 22, 2022

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Prayed for 75 times.


Phill Scott


Sally Achey

Janet Ancel

Peter Anthony

John Arrison

Sarah "Sarita" Austin

John L. Bartholomew

Lynn Batchelor

Scott Beck

Matthew Birong

Too, Received Salvation and water baptized in Jesus name.

Received: July 17, 2022

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Prayed for 47 times.

Glenn Scott Hensley

Lisa Hensley Pet Scan reschedule for August 8, 2022. Please pray for Lisa as she works to lower her sugar level.

Received: July 14, 2022

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Prayed for 25 times.

Scott hensley

Lisa is having a Pet Scan Friday, July 15 and is very nervous, this test is ensure her cancer did not spread anywhere else,

Received: July 13, 2022

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Prayed for 71 times.

Sonja Crowder

Please pray for a dear friend that is pregnant and she found out today that the baby could come early. He weighs three pounds and has some health issues going on. Please pray that GOD ALMIGHTY will glorified through this hard time.

Received: July 12, 2022

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RFBC Office

Please pray for Ted Still as he will have total knee replacement this Thursday, 07/14. Pray that the surgery will go well without any complications and for his healing, rehab and recovery.

Received: July 12, 2022

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Prayed for 85 times.

Pam Roatenberry

Please pray for my grandson, Zachary Roatenberry, for salvation and financial wisdom and for my daughter, Brittany Roatenberry to turn her heart back to God and financial wisdom.

Received: July 11, 2022

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Prayed for 88 times.


Elder prayer request please: Pray God exchange a spirit of heaviness for a garment of joy and that depression be bound forever in Jesus name. Pray for an abundance of God’s healing and redeeming love and grace. Pray for revival of what is dead, restoration of what the enemy has stolen, and God’s provision for every need and God-given desire. Pray God’s kingdom come and will be done in and through me and my family, that my family be saved, and that God be glorified.

Received: July 10, 2022

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