Updated on: 02/21/21

Our Pastor Search Team


Our Mission Statement:

The RFBC Pastor Search Team will faithfully seek God’s discernment and wisdom as we affirm His calling on the next senior pastor. We trust the Holy Spirit to connect us to God’s will for His church and the Bible to be our authority. With one heart and one mind, we will glorify the Lord.

 Get to know us: 




We are currently reading from the book “Search” by William Vanderblomemen as the first step in our process. 
We don’t want to move ahead or behind God, so prayer is our first and foremost objective as we meet together as a team and make decisions.  Each member has committed to fast one day a week in order to draw closer to God for the entire search process.   We welcome you to join us in prayer and fasting as we move through this process. 

Steps in the Process

  • Identify the needs of RFBC to draft the Church profile
  • Create job description for Lead Pastor of RFBC
  • Post job description and start accepting resumes
  • Review all resumes and select candidates for virtual interviews
  • Start first virtual interviews 
  • Narrow down candidates from virtual interviews and start in-person interviews
  • Complete in-person interviews and select final candidate
  • Offer of lead pastor presented to and accepted by candidate


  • We continued to feel God’s presence through His Holy Spirit as we met as a team on February 21st. It was a very encouraging meeting. Thank you for praying for us and with us! 
  • We finalized a mission statement for our team, as well as a structured timeline for the entire search and hiring process.
  • We finalized our plan for communicating with our congregation.  We know that open communication is very important during this process. 
  • We will continue meeting once a week as we move forward with the process. 
  • We are communicating with our our team, the elder team and the congregation to seek out the needs of the church as we move forward in forming a job description and church profile.

 How You Can Be Involved


  • Pray for our meeting together as a search team on Sunday February 14th at 3:30pm.
  • Pray that the true needs of the congregation will come to the surface as the search team seeks the Lord about what is next for Rainbow. 
  • Pray that no personal agenda would surface but only the will of the Lord. 
  • Pray for our next senior pastor, that he would not shrink back from suffering for the gospel – 1 Thessalonians 2:2. 


  • Each member of our team has committed to fast one day a week.
  • Join us by fasting one day a week!  Remember fasting doesn’t just mean giving up food, you can give up social media, TV, or anything you feel God is telling you to give up as you seek Him. 
  • The goal here is to draw closer to God through the process and to be united through His Holy Spirit as we fast and pray together. We want to hear God during every step in the process.