God is at work around the world and right here in the Roanoke Valley drawing people to Himself.  At Rainbow Forest, it is our desire that we connect to His call by joining Him in His work.  God Himself was the first missionary. He tells us in John 3:16, “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life.”

One of the best ways to partner with God in the evangelization of the world is through missions. The missions section of our website will help you better understand what the Missions Ministry is and how it functions at Rainbow Forest. We have tried to answer the most common questions our members have. It is our prayer that as you read through this information, you will have a greater passion for missions and will join us in praying, in giving and in going.

We believe that our own community and city are great places to share the news of Christ’s love. We do this through local efforts like TUGA, a free clothing exchange, and our partnership with Truth Fellowship Church, an inner-city ministry pastored by Tracy King.

At the same time, our Missions Ministry works hard to educate and inform us about global missions work. It provides opportunities for us to participate in missions work, and it helps train and send out missionaries from our church.

Our hands-on Missions Station helps our kids learn about missions, give to missions, and pray for missions.

The purpose behind all missions work here is that we would be people with a world vision who are willing and able to take the good news of Jesus Christ to the ends of the earth.  There is no doubt that missions is the heartbeat of God. From Genesis to Revelation we read about God’s redemptive plan: to bring all nations to a saving knowledge of the One True God.

Connect to the Call at Rainbow Forest Baptist Church by being involved in the Missions Ministry!