Our Vision
Habakkuk 2:2-3
And the LORD answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. For still the vision awaits its appointed time; it hastens to the end—it will not lie. If it seems slow, wait for it; it will surely come; it will not delay.

Evangelism – Every Member an Evangelist

  • Every member understands they are empowered and called to go and reach the lost where they do life.
  • Every member is able to clearly and effectively articulate their faith.
  • Every member is praying for at least 3 lost friends.
  • Rainbow Forest would have a simple plan with practical tools so that each member knows their part and how to be involved.
  • An action plan would be developed and implemented to better utilize the major holidays to invite the community.
  • Prayer times, speakers, and sermon series would be incorporated into the Sunday morning services to keep evangelism a priority.
  • At least one testimony a month from a member who was instrumental in someone accepting Christ.
  • Rainbow Forest would be known for our love and service within the community.
  • Every month we would have a different prayer/outreach focus.
  • We would maximize facilities (gym, youth center) and build facilities (soccer field, playground area) that would help us reach our community.
  • The results of evangelism would be seen through baptisms each month.


World Missions – Every Member a Missionary

  • Every member would have a global prayer focus.
  • Every member would pray for our unreached people groups.
  • Every member who is physically able will go on at least one mission trip.
  • Every family would support at least one orphan.
  • At least one trip a year will be specifically to each of our unreached people groups.
  • Finances should never prevent a member from serving on a mission trip.
Assimilation – Every Attendee Able to Connect
  • Every attender would feel welcomed and accepted on campus.
  • Every member would reach out to guests and meet new attenders every Sunday.
  • Attenders would become members who are committed vertically to God, and horizontally to each other.
  • Our facilities would be guest friendly.


Ministry – Every Member is a Minister

  • Every member knows their S.H.A.P.E. (Spiritual gift(s), Heart, Abilities, Personality, Experiences)
  • Every member is fully equipped to do the work of the ministry.
  • Everyone regularly serves in at least one ministry in the church.
  • Everyone regularly serves in their community in some way.
Stewardship – Every Member is a Giver
  • Every member to be obedient to the biblical principle of tithing, trusting God with their finances.
  • Every member is a good steward of their time, gifts, and money.
  • Rainbow Forest would be debt free.


Community – Every Member is Connected

  • Every member is connected to the church and each other.
  • Every member is in a group where they can fulfill the “one anothers” of Scripture.
  • Every group is growing and multiplying by seeking the disconnected, both believers and unbelievers.


Maturity of Believers – Every Member Becoming Like Christ

  • Every member understands their purpose God has for them.
  • Every member reads through their Bible at least once a year.
  • Every member has a daily quiet time.
  • Every member understands the spiritual disciplines.
  • Every member submits to the whole counsel of the Word of God.
  • Every member is filled and controlled by the Holy Spirit.
  • Every member is actively involved with another group of believers in studying the Bible.
Worship – Every Member is a Passionate and Authentic Worshiper
  • Every member worships God daily through keeping the Great Commandment.
  • Weekly worship gatherings are corporate expressions of the passion and conviction that flows from daily Great Commandment living.
  • Every member understands that worship is an integral aspect of all parts of daily life.
  • Every member has an authentic relationship with God that results in private and public worship at all times.


Family – Every Member Understands the Value of the Family

  • Every member understands the biblical structure of the family.
  • Every member understands the importance of the “one man, one woman” principle.
  • Every member has access to resources/classes that equip husbands, wives, and parents.
  • Every member of every family knows their biblical role in the family.
  • Every parent is equipped to lead their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.
  • Every family would develop and maintain functional and Christ-exalting relationships within their family.
  • Every family would know how to worship together through prayer and praise.


Prayer – Every Member Prays Every Day

  • Members should work towards a specific time and place for prayer that is regular and constant.
  • Members are eager to pray for one another.
  • Every member understands that prayer is NOT an event but communication with God.
  • Every member understands the privilege of “praying without ceasing.”
  • Every member would have an active and involved prayer life, both publicly and privately.
  • No major decisions regarding RFBC would be made apart from prayer and fasting.



  • Every aspect of leadership is well-defined and each individual in leadership knows and understands his role.
  • Every pastor/elder/leader is challenged to “growth” through various avenues (books, seminars, small groups, conferences, etc.).
  • In every area of church leadership, leaders would be committed to intentionally equipping others, especially those who will become the next generation of church leaders.
  • The model of church leadership is servant leadership as demonstrated by Jesus.
  • Because God is not a God of disorder, church services, meetings, and all church business should proceed in an orderly manner.
  • Every member would understand the role of spiritual leadership.
  • Leadership would set the example in all areas in regard to core values, mission, vision, and strategy.