Senior Gallery
The last milestone we celebrate in the NextGen ministry is for our High School Graduates and it’s called the Senior Gallery. The term gallery is typically used to describe works of art for sale or display. That’s exactly how we want to present our graduates, we want them to be on full display to the congregation so we can celebrate them and lift them up in prayer.
When is Senior Gallery?
Usually we celebrate our graduates the first Sunday in May. 
What is involved?
On the day of service we will honor our graduates during our normal worship service through a pictorial presentation of images throughout their childhood submitted by the family. Then we will have the graduates come forward where our NextGen pastor will issue a charge and pray over our graduates. Each graduate will have a table display in our lobby filled with lots of goodies and we encourage our congregation to stop by each table and congratulate them on this big milestone moment!
Wait, what kind of goodies are there?
  • We curate a basket of gifts based on each graduates registration to create a customized graduation present.
  • In the months leading up to the senior gallery we provide students the opportunity to meet with our NextGen pastor to complete a spiritual gifts/personality profile so they better understand how they fit into the body of Christ.
  • We compile the results of this survey, along with the pictures each family submits and create a personalized photo book for each graduate. We then encourage friends, family, and our congregation to write prayers of encouragement and notes in their photo book (similar to a yearbook!)
There are actually a few more goodies we give to our graduates because this is a big milestone in their life and we want to celebrate it. We’d love to celebrate with you too! Fill out the form below to get started.