Seasoned Saints Ministry

Seasoned Saints

Seasoned Saints Ministry has begun!  Seasoned Saints (those 60 and over)  is for those who have been through a few more years of growth in the Lord.

The purpose of the ministry is to create deeper fellowship with our fellow Christians, to look for ministry opportunities, to make sure other senior adults in our community have the chance to respond to the gospel, and to encourage the younger generation.

Upcoming Events

September 19 - Breakfast at Famous Anthony’s (Vinton) at 9 am, (Wednesday)

October 10 - Wohlfahrt Haus - “Gospel Side of Elvis”. Make payments to RFBC and due by September 20th. Lunch is at 12 noon. Cost is $43.48 and tip is excluded

October 13 - Sunshine Tours One (longish) day tour to Billy Graham Library and Botanical Gardens, Charlotte, NC. Leave Roanoke 6:30 Am return 9:30 PM. The bus tours fill rapidly. If interested, or want more information sign up in the Lobby or call Deborah St.Clair (977.2288) or Jane Campbell (556.5772)

October 17 - Breakfast at Famous Anthony’s (Vinton) at 9 am, (Wednesday)

November 14 - Breakfast at Famous Anthony’s (Vinton) at 9 am, (Wednesday)

December 12 - Breakfast at Famous Anthony’s (Vinton) at 9 am, (Wednesday)

For information or to sign up for events, email or call:

Deborah St.Clair, 540.529.5039
Jane Campbell, 540.556.5772
Pastor Jim, 540.354.5052
Renee Holdren 540.977.1789