Double Dog Dare-A-Thon

All dares are now complete. They all must be submitted by 11:30pm. We'll announce the winners tomorrow morning. Our program starts at 9:30am but doors will open at 9:00am. Play some 9-square, all you can eat donuts, and a new game set up in the student center. See you tomorrow.

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FAQ/Rules/Things to Remember

  • You need to register your team. Right above this video you’ll see a short form. Here’s what we need, your team name (be creative), the name of every person on your team, and where you are staying.
  • Viewing dares. Starting at 7 we’ll be posting a new dare every 30 minutes. The active dare will appear at the top of this page.
  • Completing dares. Each dare you submit MUST include at least one person from your team. Any official submissions that do not include someone from your team will be disqualified.
  • Submitting dares. There a few things you need to remember when submitting your dares.
    1. We are only accepting picture submissions. We would encourage you to create videos to document your crazy antics throughout the night but only pictures will be accepted for dare submissions.
    2. You can submit your dare by sending it in an attachment to
    3. In addition to the picture we need you to include two pieces of information: 1) your team name 2) the dare number. We need both of these to make sorting through pictures and teams easier.
    4. All submissions MUST be in by 11:30pm. The best strategy will be to submit your dare as soon as you are satisfied with it. You don’t want to wait until the last minute and realize you don’t have time to submit all your dares. And you have no idea how long some dares may take you to complete.
    5. We will be accepting the first response your team has. If for some reason you send it multiple entries, or try to come up with a better submission we will only be accepting the first one, so make the first one count.
  • How do we know who wins? Your team has more points than any other team. Each dare we’ll give out points for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place and tomorrow morning we’ll let you know our grand prize winner. The winning team will all get some cool stuff but we’ll also give away prizes to the winner of each dare.
  • Do you have questions? Once the dares start at 7pm the only way we are answering questions for this event is through the comment box on this page. You can ask questions, post some trash talk, or just tell everyone how awesome your team is. You can also check the FAQ we posted here on this page, some of you may see your question answered here.

Dare Times

Dare 1: 7:00pm

Dare 2: 7:30pm

Dare 3: 8:00pm

Dare 4: 8:30pm

Dare 5: 9:00pm

Dare 6: 9:30pm

Dare 7: 10:00pm

Dare 8: 10:30pm


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