Double Dog Dare-A-Thon

All Information You Need To Know!

What is it? This is an event that is unique because it begins at your house! That's right, we are challenging students to invite their unchurched friends, host a sleepover at their house, and participate in dares during the night. The event will finish up on Sunday morning during our normal Sunday School hour and we'll give away prizes, have a few live dares and announce the winners of each dare.

How do we sign up? Sign up is online at or visit you can begin signing up on Saturday at 4:00pm.

What are the times? The first dare will be sent out on Saturday (March 9th) at 7:00pm. We'll send out a new dare every 30 minutes and there will be a total of 6 dares so the last dare will be sent out at 10:30pm. All dares must be submitted by 11:30pm but there is not an additional time limit per dare. Dares can be submitted in any order and at any time between 7-11:30pm. The wrap up party will be Sunday morning from 9:30am - 10:30am (during normal Sunday School hours).

How will we receive the dares? We are using pre-made emails that will be sent out at specific times. During registration you will need to enter one main email address per team. Every 30 minutes an email will be sent to that address. Not receiving it? Be sure to check you spam folder.

How will we send in our entries? We will only accept one entry per team and it will be the first picture sent. DO NOT SEND MULTIPLE ENTRIES PER DARE. To submit an entry, just hit reply on the email that corresponds to that dare. (i.e. When we send out the email for dare 1 make sure that when you respond you hit replay to the email for dare 1.) Each email will have instructions on how to submit.

Is this an all-night event? Nope, dares must be submitted by 11:30pm so this is not an all-night event.

What are some examples of dares? Here are a few dares we did last year that were fun: Best aluminum foil robot, craziest hairdo, and ugliest selfie.

Will we need any supplies? Most of the dares you will not need any supplies, just creativity. There are a few dares where you will need some common household things. There are two specific things you should be sure you have on hand 1) a deck of cards (or two) and 2) scotch tape.

How big should each team be? The team size is dependent on how many friends you want to invite over. We could have teams of 2-3 or teams of 10-12. I think the best team size would be 3-5.

Can multiple teams be in the same house? Sure! I know some of you have multiple students in the ministry, and there's no reason why you can't host multiple teams at your house. (Some houses may be easier than other for this.) Only a few dares require supplies but it shouldn't be difficult to either share supplies or get enough for each team.