Contact Our Missionaries

Would you like to encourage the missionaries supported by RFBC?  Listed below are the emails of several of our missionaries.  Please send them a note of encouragement and let them know you're praying for their family and ministry.  Let's Connect to the Call by building up those who are serving to spread the Gospel!

RFBC also supports missionaries whose names cannot be shared because of security concerns.  Please lift these servants up before the Lord in prayer as well.


Amal & Carol Bejjani

Jennifer Breining

Romy & Kaye Capuli

Charles & Janet Baldis

Tina Baldis

Jonathan & Heidi Grooms

Amber Hasson

Steeven & Dorothy Kumar

Tony & Heather Velpula

Matt & Vicki Riggins

Ann Nagy

Brad & Lynn Jankowski

Terry & Debbie Nester

Jody & Ruth Miller

Tim & Tammy Evans

Jeremiah & Jennifer Hambrick

Jim & Debbie Hambrick

Jacob & Keesha Via

Rick Via