LEAD Overview

Audience: Students who want to make a difference leading and serving at Rainbow Forest.

Purpose: To give students Biblical lessons on leadership and place them in positions to serve.

Prerequisite: Completion of Now – 301, completion of Lead Application (see Pastor Jeff). For 9th grade students and above.

Length: 1 Meeting per month.

What is LEAD?

The Student Leadership team will be called LEAD. Only students who have completed the New, Next, and Now can apply for Lead. 

Purpose: To show students how the Bible describes leadership and how that can be applied to life. Each meeting will consist of three keys components:

1 Studying the Bible. We’ll pull out key leadership lessons from God’s word and discuss how they connect with our personal ministry.

2 Teambuilding. LEAD is a team and we will spend time each meeting growing together as a team through various team building exercises and activities.

3 Review and Plan. Each student will have at least one area in the student ministry and/or church that they’ll be serving in. We will spend time each meeting reviewing the past month of ministry and planning out the month(s) to come.

Meetings For Student Leadership

The Student Leadership Team Will Have Monthly Meetings.