Recreation Ministries


The Mission of the Kinect Ministy: 

Using Kinetic activities offered by Rainbow Forest to Connect the disconnected to Christ and Community.


 The Purposes of the Kinect Ministry is:

  1. To give the members of Rainbow Forest a variety of recreational “kinetic” activities for them and their families to enjoy and participate in, while also connecting with the community of believers at Rainbow Forest.
  2. To get the attention of other believers in the Roanoke area who are looking for a church to connect to.
  3. To give those who are already connected to the community of Rainbow Forest a tool that would help them connect others to Christ and the Community.


Our Current Kinect Opportunities:

Summer Golf - Sunday afternoons, June, July, August and September, beginning at 3:00 pm, Blue Hills Golf Club

R.U.N.- Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays 5:00am

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