Nominating Team

Members of Nominating Team


Name  Term expires
Sid Barker (ELT)  
Steve Kenney 2018
 Holly Lipes 2018
Tammy DeGraff 2020
Becky Fritts 2020
Megan Jay 2020
Bernice King 2020
Roger Reynolds 2020




Purpose of Nominating Team

Nominating Committee

A nominating committee composed of 6-8 lay church members shall be elected each fiscal year. In addition to these committee members, the ELT may appoint a chairperson, also having voting power, or may allow the committee to choose their own chair. A member may serve a maximum of three (3) consecutive one year terms after which a mandatory one year absence is required. Voting procedures are described in Section 2 of this article.

The nominating committee shall, each fiscal year prior to the major yearly business meeting, prepare a slate of candidates for Personnel, Finance, Missions , and Nominating committees as outlined below.