Personnel Team

Personnel Team Members

Randy Fellers deacon rep
Dennis Boswell, (ELT) Chair  
Frank Spencer 2018
Cara Kenney 2020
Mark Shell 2020
Deborah St.Clair 2020


Personnel Team Purpose

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee, composed of 5-8 lay church members, shall be elected each fiscal year. In addition to these committee members, the ELT may appoint a chairperson, also having voting power, or may allow the committee to choose their own chair. Service is for a period of three years, with replacements for committee members unable to complete their terms, elected for the duration of the departing member’s term. A member may serve a maximum of three consecutive years after which a mandatory one year absence is required. Voting procedures are described in Section 2 of this article.

The Personnel Committee will prepare prior to the major yearly business meeting, a yearly recommendation for all Pastoral and Support Staff salaries. The Personnel portion of the budget will be reviewed by Finance Committee in light of the entire budget. Collaborative changes may be done between the committees. These recommendations shall be brought to a subcommittee of the ELT, composed of all Lay Elders, and a final recommendation, agreed by majority vote of the combined Personnel Committee and Lay Elders, made to the membership for approval as outlined in Article 5, Section 5-3.

In addition, they shall assist the ELT, in an advisory manner, in the hiring, firing, evaluation of perspective staff, interviews and other personnel needs. While these are performed in an advisory manner, the ELT will place serious consideration upon such recommendations.