The Mina of Rajasthan, India

In January 1998, Rainbow Forest was specifically led by the Lord to adopt an unreached people group: the Mina (pronounced “MEEna”) of Rajasthan, India.  At that time, we were told there were only 40 known believers among the Mina people.

At this time, there are over 4.7 million Mina in India. British colonial forces who once ruled India treated the Mina harshly, labeling them a “criminal tribe”.  Few ministries work among them because they are considered resistant to the Gospel.  In reality, the Mina are a loving and hospitable people, but they do not know or understand God’s sacrifice of love for them. Today, the Mina work in agriculture as laborers, landowners, policemen or guards. Many simply farm for survival. They love colorful clothes and festivals. 

Our passion is to see a church planting movement engulf the Mina. God has allowed us to engage this people group with two families spending extended time among them, as well as various short term works. Our main emphasis has been prayer for the Mina. We currently have a family from Rainbow Forest who are living in this area and working to help share the Good News with the Mina.  The latest reports we have received estimate that there are now 40,000 Mina believers and churches are being planted among them. We prayerfully continue to seek ways to actively engage them so that many more would come to know the Savior.