What is Faith Promise Used For?

The best answer to this question is, “for the expansion of the kingdom of God”. Many in our church family do not fully understand the concept of Faith Promise Missions giving and more than half of our church members do not participate in it. It is our desire that every member would actively support Faith Promise Missions.  We are not just trying to increase our missions budget, but to include everyone in the expansion of the Kingdom of God. We all understand that it takes money to do this. The more we understand what our Faith Promise Missions money does, the more we will joyfully partner with God through giving.

Our goal for this year is to have 100% participation from all members, being obedient to what God puts on their hearts,  for each member to trust God to provide in miraculous ways this year as they commit to give to missions, and to have 300 families give at least $10.40 a week to Faith Promise Missions. As you give this $10.40 each week you will be reminded to pray for the millions of people who live in the 10/40 window that have not one time heard the Gospel message. Would you please pray about what God would have you to give?

If you are not a part of Faith Promise Missions, you are missing out on the blessings of God here on earth and the eternal rewards in heaven.  When you give to Faith Promise Missions you are partnering with the following: missionary families, missions organizations, Southern Baptist agencies, and our Unreached People Groups (the Mina and the Balkar).  Our 2015-2016 Missions Budget is $232,760.