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What is Fasting?

Fasting is a spiritual discipline involving abstinence from food for a specific time and purpose. A broader view...

Week 1: Day 1 of the Fasting Guide

Read Colossians 3:22-25.

Read Colossians 4:1-6.

Most Americans, when asked to describe themselves...

Week 1: Day 2 of the Fasting Guide

Read Deuteronomy 6.

Our families are a precious gift from the Lord. Such a precious gift requires us to be good...

Week 1: Day 3 of the Fasting Guide

Read Luke 5:15-28.

This passage embodies the statement “whatever it takes.” These four friends did whatever was necessary...

Week 1: Day 4 of the Fasting Guide

Read Matthew 25:14-46.

Talking about money at church has been deemed taboo by many people. However, the reality is...

Week 1: Day 5 of the Fasting Guide

Read 1 Corinthians 12.

There is a saying in the theater world, “There are no small parts, only small actors.” The message is that every role...

Week 1: Day 6 of the Fasting Guide

Read Mark 13:32-37.

All of us have probably had a dream (many of us have lived it) where we were found to be unprepared for a test, a meeting, or a deadline. We wake up in a sweaty panic...

Week 1: Day 7 of the Fasting Guide

Read Esther. (Seriously, read all 10 chapters.)

From a biblical perspective, life does not contain random coincidences, but rather God’s providence hovers over the positions of influence we hold...

Week 2: Day 1 of the Fasting Guide

Read Luke 9:57-62.

What if you were one of those potential disciples that approached Jesus on this day, and you were told that if you followed Jesus, you would not have a house? What if...

Week 2: Day 2 of the Fasting Guide

Read Matthew 13:44.

In thinking through what it means to live a life of extreme obedience to Jesus, there is a temptation for us to wonder if Jesus is really just trying to rob us of fun and happiness...

Week 2: Day 3 of the Fasting Guide

Read John 14:15.

Just as Jesus’ obedience to His father was from the overflow of His love for the Father, so our love for Jesus is directly tied to our obedience. Our motivation for being obedient to Jesus should...

Week 2: Day 4 of the Fasting Guide

Read 2 Thessalonians 1:11-12.

The thing that is most often left out of this discussion, however, is a strong biblical emphasis on future grace that Christ followers will no doubt receive...

Week 2: Day 5 of the Fasting Guide

Read Matthew 26:36-39.

Humility and obedience go hand-in-hand. Without one, the other is nearly impossible. It’s like the example of a child, when told to clean their room, who stomps down the hall and slams...

Week 2: Day 6 of the Fasting Guide

Read Genesis 12:1-3.

As we live a lifestyle of obedience to Jesus, our vision begins to shift from the temporal to the eternal. Walking in the ways of Jesus allows us to see all our resources...

Week 2: Day 7 of the Fasting Guide

Read John 17:1-11.

Loving Jesus enough to follow and obey Him completely will inevitably lead to new priorities in our lives, mainly making disciples.Jesus is in the upper room preparing to go to the cross....

Week 3: Day 1 of the Fasting Guide

Read Psalm 92:12–15.

We dance through the courts of God when we open His Word and gather with the
church. It can be hard to see the daily growth from being....

Week 3: Day 2 of the Fasting Guide

Read 2 Timothy 2:1–2.

Every believer must ask two important questions that emerge from this passage: Am I constantly relying on the grace of God? Who am I investing God’s Word... 

Week 3: Day 3 of the Fasting Guide

Read Hebrews 10:21–25.

Have you ever considered how you are motivating others to better love and bless? God lives in constant community (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit),...

Week 3: Day 4 of the Fasting Guide

Read 1 John 5:14–15.

One sure way to pray the will of God is to ask, “Would Jesus pray for this?” It seems foolish to pray for things that God wills,
knowing that He already does those things, but...

Week 3: Day 5 of the Fasting Guide

Read Psalm 105:1–4.

It’s funny that you always know when a grandparent has their first grandchild; they pull you aside to show you pictures and detail all that’s happened since day one. As they think about...

Week 3: Day 6 of the Fasting Guide

Read 1 John 3:16–18.

Sacrificial living starts with Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus initiates the idea of laying our lives down by laying His life down. One knows true love through Christ’s sacrifice...

Week 3: Day 7 of the Fasting Guide

Read Acts 3:19–21.

The church has displayed a repentance that happens only at the point of salvation, but God’s Word details out a lifestyle of
repentance. As a continually sinning people...

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