Family Addition Ministry
One of the most uncertain times in life is when your family is expecting a new addition. Whether it’s through pregnancy, adoption or fostering, this season of life can be filled with challenges, concerns, and a whole lot of questions. What’s the best way to alleviate those concerns or have your questions answered? This season of life is like most that we experience, the best way to handle it is by having someone walk alongside you and we believe this is what the church is all about!
Providing care, encouragement, prayer, wisdom, and Biblical guidance during this season of life is something we are so excited to provide our families and those seeking Christian community. Since we are created in the image of God, we are built with the desire for community. It’s something we want our church to be known for: a loving community that comes alongside of people in all phases of life. The purpose of this ministry will be to surround people in loving relationships in the hopes we lead them closer to the Lord.

There are several key components of this ministry. We want this to be centered around relationships strengthened by prayer. When someone signs up to be part of the family addition ministry, we will partner them with a person or couple from our church who will cover them in prayer throughout the duration of their pregnancy (or while in the midst of foster care) They will check in at least once a week with the mom/family and offer any assistance as needed. Sometimes this assistance will be a simple request that can easily be met by the FAM team. Other needs we can pass along to our Stephen’s Ministy so moms and dads can receive the care they need.

Here are some of the practical things you can expect to receive from one of our FAM team members once you’ve signed up:
  • Recognition in our lobby display! Coming soon we’ll be posting the names of all the families who sign up. We’ll post your expected due date and as your pregnancy moves along we’ll also announce your baby’s gender. Once the baby is born we’ll list his/her name, DOB, and weight. You can see that we want to celebrate you with our entire church family, but we also understand you may not want some of this information available. Please note that you can control the timing and information we display! Anything and everything in FAM will be directed by those who sign up!
  • We want to deliver a yard sign to our home when you child is born or when you receive a new foster baby/child. We want you and your neighbors to know we are celebrating you and love your family!
  • Once you are home and settled, expect the meals to start coming in! It can be difficult to add a new family member and we want to help by helping provide meals for you during this time so you have one less thing to think about.

How do you sign up? Just click the link below to fill out the form! Our FAM coordinator Kathy Shell will contact you shortly.