Weclome to the Double Dog Dare-a-thon 2022

Rules and Information
  • All teams wishing to participate must register (details below) by 7pm.
  • There is no time limit to complete each dare HOWEVER all dares must be submitted by 10pm. 
  • Each dare must be submitted using the correct form below. If you submit an entry using the wrong form you will be ineligible to win that dare. For instance if you submit Dare 1 in the form for Dare 2 you will not be eligible to win even if you post the best and most creative video. It is essential you check which form you are using prior to submission. 
  • NO EDITS! You cannot edit your photo or video! This allows everyone to compete on an even playing field and allows for more creativity. Any submissions with edits will be disqualified. 
Supplies Needed
Here’s a list of items you want to make sure you have in stock!
  • Shaving Cream
  • Marshmallows
  • Cotton Balls
Registration Details
Have you registered your team yet? Here’s what we need:
  1.  Your team name
  2. The house you are staying at for the night
  3. The names of everyone participating on your team
Click the button below to register your team! Registration opens at 3:00pm on February 26th.
Dare 1

Dare 2

Dare 3

Dare 4

Dare 5

Dare 6

Dare 7