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This precious book of the Bible is so unique because it never mentions God directly, but if you took the time to read it, then you know His presence is unmistakable. One of the key verses is Esther 4:14, where Esther is challenged to consider how to steward the influence she has been given. From a biblical perspective, life does not contain random coincidences, but rather God’s providence hovers over the positions of influence we hold in boardrooms, living rooms, breakrooms, classrooms, and chat rooms. Is it not possible that you are exactly where you are because God desires you to be an agent of influence for the kingdom of God? As you fast and pray today, ask God to identify the spheres of influence you sovereignly inhabit and how God desires to use you for such a time as this.

Other verses: Genesis 50:19-21; Daniel 1-2


Pray that the Lord would grant Rainbow Forest favor to influence the community, the school systems, those far from God, and those who choose to worship here. Also, pray that our church and
membership will steward our influence in a God-honoring way

Read Esther. 

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