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All of us have probably had a dream (many of us have lived it)
where we were found to be unprepared for a test, a meeting, or a deadline. We wake up in a sweaty panic and thank the heavens it was a dream. This scripture reminds us that one of the gifts God
has given us to steward is our time. Many would consider it our most precious resource God has given us. It has stated, “When we say, ‘Where did the time go?’ we are actually saying ‘Where did my life go?” May the Lord grant us the wisdom to use our time wisely.


As you fast and pray today, ask the Lord to review how your time is spent and pray for guidance about any changes that are needed in 2024.


Other verses: Ephesians 5:6-21; 2 Timothy 4:1-8


Pray for our people at RFBC to make the most of every opportunity this year to reach their neighbors, co-workers, and

Read Mark 13:32-37.

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