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Talking about money at church has been deemed taboo by many people. However, the reality is that God has entrusted each of us with resources, and this passage makes clear that we will be asked to give an account for how those resources were stewarded. Let’s just mention two additional things from this passage as we reflect on it today. First, God is more concerned about how we use our resources rather than the amount they add up to in life. Secondly, God sees Himself as the recipient of the generosity of resources or the stinginess of them. As you pray and fast today ask God to give you spiritual insight over your resources and how He might direct you to steward them in the new year.

Other verses: Matthew 6:19-21; Luke 21:1-4

Pray today for your church staff as they steward the church’s resources this year. Pray God would give a clear vision of financial stewardship to our families as well as our church family.

Read Matthew 25:14-46.

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