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Sacrificial living starts with Jesus’ sacrifice on our behalf. Jesus
initiates the idea of laying our lives down by laying His life down.
One knows true love through Christ’s sacrifice and then
displays/embraces a new way of living by giving. God blesses
people to be a blessing. Our hearts (as v. 17 shows) are given
opportunity to deliver a blessing, and trust Christ’s sacrifice, or try
to protect our interests and future by seeking our own interests.
Sacrificial living does not gain the love of God; instead, sacrificial
living reflects trust one has in God and possession of love from
God. Who has need around you? How can you reflect the love that God has given you by the sacrifice of Christ? It could be that you need to release the world’s goods and cling to the love of God.

Other verses: Luke 9:23-24; Matthew 19:16-22; Acts 4:32-37

Pray for what needs to be given up to better pursue Christ. Pray
for an opportunity to bless through sacrificial giving

Read 1 John 3:16–18.

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