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Sharing the Gospel should always begin with “thanks to the Lord.” It’s funny that you always know when a grandparent has their first grandchild; they pull you aside to show you pictures and detail all that’s happened since day one. As they think about their family, they see all that was done to deliver this beautiful gift. Believers should share the Gospel (in joy) as a grandparent, seeing all that God did to pursue them and detailing out all that He is doing (make known His deeds). Verse 4 shows that a daily seeking of God’s presence will yield joy, which will lead to praise and making known His Gospel. Obligatory Gospel-sharing springs forth from guilt and fear, while joyful Gospel-sharing springs from seeking and experiencing the beauty of God.

Other verses: Mark 16:15; Revelation 14:6-7; Isaiah 12:4

Pray for new people who come in contact with members of
Rainbow Forest this year. Also, pray for the lost around you and
how to share the gospel with them.

Read Psalm 105:1–4.

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