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How do believers pray according to the will of God? Verse 14 says
that we can have confidence toward Him and know that He hears
us if we ask things according to His will.


One sure way to pray the will of God is to ask, “Would Jesus pray
for this?” It seems foolish to pray for things that God wills,
knowing that He already does those things, but the request is far
less about motivating a hesitant God and more about bringing us to consider God’s desires over our own. The passage concludes with “if we know He hears us…we know that we have the requests that we have asked.” How relieving is it to be heard? Think about a time when you’ve tried starting a sentence multiple times only to be halted, or a time when you delivered a thorough thought only to be met with blank stares. The point is not that God hears us and grants our requests, but instead we know God hears our prayers and is already at work in them. Being heard is one thing; knowing that you are praying in alignment with God’s will changes the outlook you have in every situation.

Other verses: Psalm 66:16-20; Psalm 5:3; James 4:3

Seek an intentional time to pray for the things that Jesus would
pray for.

Read 1 John 5:14–15.

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