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The beginning of Psalm 92 displays the destruction of the wicked,
so verse 12 unfolds a strong contrast of description. Where the
wicked are previously compared to fragile grass, the righteous in
the passage are shown as palm trees and cedars. Verse 13 shows
how one is righteous and flourishing in their relationship with God
by being planted in the house of the Lord. Where is God’s house?
In context, it would have been the Temple courts, but today
righteous are planted in the church and Bible. We dance through
the courts of God when we open His Word and gather with the
church. It can be hard to see the daily growth from being in these
two places, but God says (v. 15) that we will be full of life
(sap/green) and give life (fruit) in time. The natural outflow of
time in God’s Word and church is a declaration (v. 15) of the
goodness of God as a source of all our hope. The righteous desire
time in the Word and Church…do you?


Other verses: Ephesians 4:14-15; 1 Peter 2:2; Joshua 1:8


Pray for the church leaders as they develop a process to move
people to engage the Word and the world. Also, pray for a renewed passion to engage the church and Word this year.

Read Psalm 92:12–15.

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