College and Career

College and Career

Ginomai - Sunday Morning Bible Study

The Greek word, Ginomai occurs over 700 times in the New Testament.  A simple word, meaning ‘to become’ or ‘transitioning,’ it is a word that we all have experience with.

We are a group of twenty-something men and women who actively pursue God and His will for our lives. We are transitioning into the next phase of our lives and want to be deliberate in the decisions that will affect the rest of our lives.

Each week we get together to talk about our lives, share prayer requests, and study the Bible to search how all these things fit together. God’s word directs our path.

Are you a recent high school graduate; current college student or beginning the adult phase of your life?

Sunday mornings with the Ginomai class are for YOU!


Come for what you can GET! (Conversation, Comprehension, or a Christian Connection)

Come for what you can ... GIVE! (Comfort, Counsel, or a Connection)


Someone at Bible study needs you!

Sunday mornings at 9:30

For more info: Kevin Spencer - 540-632-2468