Child Dedication
Child Dedications are a special time for families to publicly commit to lead the spiritual development of their child. This is also the time for the church to commit to coming alongside the family with encouragement and support through prayer. 
What does our dedication service look like?
There are only a few elements in the dedication and it will only comprise a small portion of the service. Our Children’s Pastor will typically share a few comments and give a charge both to the families and to the congregation. We are then introduced to each family with a pictorial video that includes narration. (Pictures are supplied by each family in the sign up process.) This video helps the congregation more easily associate a name with a face and helps personalize this moment for our families. We then have a time of prayer where we lay hands on the family being dedicated and during this time we invite any extended family to join us. Interested in seeing one of these services? Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a recent child dedication service. 
There are also a few other special things we do to help honor our families and we’d love for you to be part of this special opportunity!
We schedule Child Dedications as needed. Are you interested in your family participating in this milestone event? Click the link below to get started.