Called To Worship

We were CALLED to worship.

I remember when I was young, my brothers and sister spent an enormous amount of time playing in the woods around my parents house. Our creativity would run wild as we wondered through nature, not fully realizing the blessing we had to grow up in such a beautiful place.  One of the most fun things I remember us doing was making forts out of logs and sticks and pretending to have wars against each other.  Now, as young kids this type of playing was sure to end in disaster and conflict, as it did many times.  
I remember specifically the one time I got upset at my older brother not “following the rules” as if there were any to start with, and storming off into the woods in anger.  After a while of trekking through the couple of acres of forest my parents owned, I came the the realization that I was lost. Nothing around me was familiar and I remember feeling frightened and alone.  Through my young tears and sobs I began to call out the only name I new had any hope of saving me….

MOM!!……MOM!!!” I cried over and over.

I waited…
I screamed, “MOM!!” again. 
I listened…
Through my tears and cries I faintly heard a sound of a whistle.  This is what my mom would do to call us in for lunch or dinner when we were playing outside.  It was a beautiful sound on that day! Slowly I regained my bearings and started to walk towards the sound of my mom’s whistle until eventually I was back at the house and safe again.  
Like me lost in the woods, we were all lost before Christ called us home.  I can imagine that we all have a memory or can remember how He called us from darkness into light.  Maybe you have lost His voice. Maybe you can’t remember what it sounds like, what it feels like to be called by Him.  We all need to be listening to His calling that leads us into worship and calls us to His will. None of us are exempt from this task. 
Here’s the WONDERFUL thing about God…  
He NEVER stops calling us to worship Him.  That same voice, that same “whistle” is always calling us deeper into a worshipful relationship with Him.  My question to you is, have you lost that calling? Do you recognize it from the day to day tasks you are involved in?  Are we taking time to quite ourselves before Him and to simply listen. 

Daily Challenge:

  1. Go somewhere where you can quiet your heart, soul and mind before God. 
  2. Read through Psalm 23 and get to know your shepherd who beckons and leads you.  
  3. Remember when He called you from darkness into light, and focus on His relationship with you today.  
  4. Listen for his still small voice that beckons you to worship (1 Kings 19:11-13). He is calling you today! 
  5. Then WORSHIP your living Savior.