Festival of Tables Banquet

05/14/2012 - 6:30pm
05/14/2012 - 9:00pm
Student Life Center
Festival of Table Hostess Guidelines
A “Festival of Tables” is basically making each table at the banquet look different. It’s a great opportunity for women to be involved in doing something to share with other ladies, their personality, passion, and creativity that God has blessed them with.  You can team up with a friend and host together to minimize responsibilities.
-Host a round table of 6 by personally inviting women to be your guest.  
We ask the hostess fill her own table if at all possible.  She will write a check for the total amount (table of 6= $90) and postdate the check the day of the banquet (May 14th ). It will be the hostess responsibility to collect the $15.00 from each guest seated at her table. Checks can be made to Rainbow Forest Baptist Church and give to Vanessa Houston or Renee Holdren.  BUT, if you would like to just be a hostess, buy yourself a ticket and let us know that you want US to fill your table for you.  Guests can register on line for their individual tickets if they have not been asked by a hostess.  
-Decorate your table with any theme of choice.  Provide a place setting (dinner plate, desert plate, silverware, glass, coffee cup and napkin).  The church will provide 10” round, clear plastic plates that will set inside your china plate. The desserts will be served on clear plastic desert plates which can also be set inside your dessert plate. Keep this in mind, don’t stack plates so each guest can safely place the clear plate over yours.  (The church does have some silverware if you need to borrow any). The church will also provide white tablecloths as a base, to help build your creative table, if needed.
Your table must have some type of lighting on it. Candles or battery operated candles or Christmas lights are few suggestions. If you use candles, please use caution in your placement on the table. Also consider using unscented candles, many people are irritated by scented ones. Please do not use anything requiring electricity and extension cords. We do not want to create a hazard on the floor.
Please bring your own tools needed to accomplish decorating your table because there is no guarantee the church will have the items needed when you may need them (scissors, tape, pins, glue, staples, etc)
Suggestion from a hostess: A suitcase on wheels makes for easier transportation of china and other decorations.
Please! Please! Do not use china with heirloom quality, even though no one will be walking around with your china and glass ware, we cannot guarantee small accidents won’t occur.
-Provide a small inexpensive party favor or gift for your guests at each setting that goes along with your theme.
-Tables can be decorated Sunday, May 13th after the PM service (7:30) and Monday, May 14th  9:00am to 6:00pm. in the Student Life Center
-Tables will need to be cleaned after the banquet.
Suggestions for Table Theme is below but the sky is the limit!! Use your creativity!!
Color theme, Holiday tables (Christmas, Easter, etc), Seasonal tables (Fall, Summer, Spring, Winter), Beach theme, Favorite sports team, camping theme, garden theme, pampered chef,  Cupcake theme, Victorian theme, bible story theme, Favorite Bible verse theme, missions theme, USA theme, animal print, bird theme, farm theme, fashion theme, Italian theme. Anything you collect can be turned into a beautiful table.
Your table can be childlike, simple, crazy, thought provoking, or all the way extremely elegant. NO BOUNDARIES! Use your imagination!
Doors will open at 6:15 for women view your tables. Dinner will begin at 6:30 and the speaker will begin around 7:30. The event should be over no later than 9:00pm.
Child care is NOT provided and it is suggested that children under age 10 not attend.